Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Relevant Magazine Article

So I was checking out one of my favorite websites and came across this:

 5 Things I Wish I'd Done Before Marriage

Makes a lot of points about things as Christians what we should do before engaging into marriage but specifically on singleness that the author, Jared Lafitte, makes is this:

"When Paul talks about the benefits of being single in 1 Corinthians 7:7, he’s saying people should be taking advantage of their freedom in singleness to serve others. I wish I had taken more time to learn how to deny myself and serve others instead of quickly becoming married and pulling another person into my self-absorbed world."

"In a lot of ways, I had a pretty skewed understanding of marriage and singleness when I got married. I kind of idolized marriage and demonized singleness. This started way back in college, when I got into a relationship with a girl I really wanted to marry. When she broke up with me, I took it really hard, which showed how out-of-whack I was. It didn’t take me long to pursue another girl, then another one and so on. I was pretty insecure. I thought that being married meant you had arrived and being single meant you were less of a person. Now I know that I was completely wrong. I wish I’d spent my early twenties learning to cherish singleness as an opportunity to glorify God, not belittle it. Perhaps I could have spent more years in my early and mid-twenties enjoying singleness and all it has to offer."

Singleness does not mean there is anything wrong with you. But if you are insecure, you can not find that security in someone else. That security can be only found in Christ Jesus, the One who created you and loves you.

A man or woman can not complete you. You are already complete. God's covenant union is the only time that two people are completed as one. Till then, bask in your singleness. Do not take for granted the opportunity and time God has given you.